Thursday, May 10, 2012


The entry for "grooming" in the Horse Lexicon reads:

grooming:  groo' ming, v.  The process of using brushes and other tools to transfer dirt and dust from horse to human.

Reveille looks lovely -- shiny and more shed out than yesterday -- but I'm covered in dust and horsehair.  :)   I'd intended to ride, but in my concern about getting the World's Best Corgis packed up and handed off to AM, I completely forgot to change into breeches.  Whoops!   Well, Reveille needed a treats-'n-pettins day.  We've been working fairly hard lately.  

Test of Choice night was last night too.  I rode USEF Beginner Novice Test A early, then got Rev put away and went to scribe for the official evening.  I was quite pleased with Reveille and our test!  I thought it was one of our better ones, even though on the outside, the score didn't seem to change from previous tests.  MT agreed, which was nice.  Rev was well forward with good rhythm, not counterbent (much), and we had a few really nice transitions and a good final halt.   MT's main comment was that we really need to fix her outline.  I have contact, but she's still going with her nose poked out and her back not round.  If I can get her to lengthen her neck, bring her poll up, and bring her nose closer to the vertical, we'll have a good shot at some nice scores.   The question now is: how exactly do I do that?

Hm.  A puzzler. 

The other points I left on the table were accuracy points, and that's a practice thing.  *nodnod*  I can do that; I know how to do that.

The main event was fun!  Lots of people, most of whom are friends, and some nice tests.  Toward the end, the cold front moved in and I got awfully, awfully cold.  The wind really picked up, too.   But!   Lots of fun.   I really enjoy doing these things and volunteering.

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