Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shaking my tiny fist

Shaking my tiny fist in rage!  Or at least frustration with some irritation and resignation in there too.

My best laid plan to do a conditioning ride last night gang agley ... maybe I should quit asking the mice to help me plan.

The test computer I'm working with at work went belly up at 4:30 yesterday.  I had to recover it, which broke it, and then I had to fix it.  So I didn't get out the door until way late, and by that time I was super-hungry and tired and it was getting toward sunset.   Ergo, no ride.   Food instead, then bed.

This morning, I awoke gently, slowly, with the soft light of rainy-day morning sun filling my room.   ...what?  I should have woken up with a growl and a jump and an annoying alarm going off, with pale sun sort of shining!   My alarm clock has gone belly up, and I can't fix it.  My phone had de-charged in the night.   So no early morning workout for me this morning -- hardly a shower! More like a quick splash.  

Anyway, so conditioning has been postponed to tonight.  I hope I'll be able to use the track, but based on the aforementioned rainy day, I might need to improvise in the indoor.   Don't wanna, because the point is to just go forward and do so outdoors, but ... if I need to, I will.


  1. So far the track is okay but im not sure about the end of the day make sure you ask T first:) just to make sure, i would!

    1. Yep, that's my plan! Hoping it's in good shape.

  2. Despite the fact it's rained a lot, it really hasn't been raining hard. Our outdoors are fabulous and the trails are probably ok too.