Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's back!

Oh happy day -- the horse fairies came and took back the horrible changeling they left the other day and brought my good mare back.  A good deed, kindly done.

Worked in dressage tack and draws today -- my goal was keeping her poll up and her neck stretched, head close to vertical, and worked on transitions.   I wanted good, balanced transitions that happened where I wanted them to happen -- i.e. accurate transitions.  Some success was had ... and some fall on our faces failures, too.  Mostly in and out of the canter.  I know what went wrong when we had disasters, but it was still weird.

Looking forward to Saturday -- jump lesson, followed immediately by a dressage lesson.  I am really interested in seeing what we can do to fix Rev and me, get us further down the right path, yknow?

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