Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Oh hallelujah! After I went in for the CT scan, my doc called with great news -- all this head trouble is being caused by nothing more than an infection. WHEW. This means that I can just take antibiotics and wait, and this whole miserable thing will be over!! HOORAY!

Granted, it's not getting over with as fast as I'd hoped, so I haven't been out to see my horse in almost two weeks. I'm thinking I can get out there tomorrow, assuming the healing continues as it has been: I don't think I'm up to longing tonight, what with all the little teeny circles and the dizzy. But tomorrow is a whole 'nother prospect! I have plans to, at the very least, have Pony Bath Night with TSB, which will be awesome -- clean pony! :) I suspect that I'll need to run her around in circles before she's willing to stand around to be bathed, though, so I might go longe, then go help with the wondermare, then come back and we'll bathe Rev.

Hooray! I will be ready for lessons when MT and crew come back from Caber!

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