Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Reveille must have thought she was in horse heaven this evening: her person arrived in the pasture, fed her carrots, scratched her in her itchiest places, and then ... left. Left. Without putting a halter on her, without making her run in circles, without any of that. Just gave her treats and then let her go on with being a horse.


:) It was 8 PM and I wanted to get the carrots delivered -- no time to ride, but I could at least take treats out and pet her.

And hallelujah! She gets her feet done tomorrow!! I couldn't wait any longer for the other farrier to get back; I really dislike not knowing if he's in town or out of town. So ... I called the other farrier MT recommends, and we'll go with him from here on. He's more expensive by $10, but -- he's not as expensive as the Really Expensive, Really Good Farrier. Who I quite like, but can't afford. I don't want to offend the farrier I'm switching from, but ... I really can't go 8 weeks between trims/shoeings. I'm much happier knowing that the new farrier doesn't have a second job that's as intensive as the other farrier's and that the new farrier sticks around town.

Sigh. Alas. I hate hate hate not giving my business to a friend whom I know needs the money, but ... seriously, even had I had time to ride, I probably wouldn't have, just because her feet are so long. I have to take care of what's best for my horse.

So yes. All the work I did bathing her last weekend is, of course, obliterated. She's muddy. *grin* That's okay. I can cope. She's a horse.

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