Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good day!

Lesson again this morning, and then pony baffs with The Sprinkler Bandit and her lovely mare.

The lesson was very fun -- I was having a little more trouble with it this morning than I thought I had yesterday, but then MT pointed out that what we did today is much harder than what we did yesterday. Ah. Okay then! We worked specifically on showjumping techniques, rather than just jumping fences. We did a bunch of really tight turns that Rev really wouldn't have trouble with -- IF her rider were a little better at them. :) It's okay; that's why I take lessons! And I'll get a bunch of practice while everyone's off at Aspen this coming weekend. Especially because I need to shorten my stirrups a hole, and I'll need to get used to the shorter length.

We did, this weekend, jump our very first oxer! See?

This was actually Sunday, the second lesson that incorporated the oxer. I actually kind of like oxers, I think. They seem somehow easier to jump than straight verticals, but I couldn't say why.

I will apologize right now for my presence in the upcoming photos. I didn't realize exactly how unflattering that shirt is with those shorts, nor how unbelievably pale my legs are! Eek. Gym, STAT. Anyway, ignore lumpy human and ADORE THE BEAUTIFUL MARE!!

Rev got her bath today, hooray! She's so shiny and clean and soft! She hadn't completely dried in these photos, but she's still gorgeous. Even her face is clean. And TSB will pooh-pooh Rev's naturally wavy tail, but I think it's beautiful. :) She has a lot of tail, for sure.

I'll let TSB show off her own gorgeous animal, so here are the shots of MY gorgeous animal! I love her color and her expression and her mane and her tail and and and and!

Conformation shot, mostly. I like her proportions and how her topline's developing! Pretty leather halter, too. And funny nose. ;)

And even though I look enormous in this picture, I have to say I like it a lot of Rev. :)

Grass, yum.

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