Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, and -- List.

Two new sets of side reins. One to replace the set I borrowed from a friend and that was terminally separated at some point, and one for my own. That's the primary need, the replacement set. I should make this list a link so I can add to it when I think of things.

  • Two sets of Nunn Finer side reins with elastic - one horse size to give to friend, one pony size for Rev

  • Saddle covers! I keep forgetting -- this is really important, and I should put it at the top of the list. Done.

  • Stirrup pads that wrap around

  • Half chaps

  • Hat deodorizer

  • Charcoal pouch for hat

  • The Right Bit (this may take some time and be multiple bits. I am thinking a boucher might be something to try for dressage? Or a mullen mouth? The twisted snaffle seems to work for jumping.)

  • Waverly bridle from Five Star Tack

  • Mountain Horse winter paddock boots, maybe even tall MH winter boots, for the inevitable muck

  • A light turnout blanket for fall and spring

  • More FITS breeches -- but maybe not until I get to a different, final size? Tan, white, and any other color. Tan and white for showing, whatever other non-white color for schooling.

  • A dressage coat

  • Crown Royal bag for my clippers. Anyone out there a Crown drinker?

  • New body protector -- a Rodney Powell.

  • Point Two or Hit-Air vest.

  • Wrap-around prescription sunglasses. Do they even make those?

  • Two horse, bumper pull, dressing room, slant-load, lightweight trailer.

That's about all for this iteration of the list. I'm sure I have updates, but I can't think of them at the moment. Heck, this is over $1000, maybe closer to $3000 worth of stuff, not counting the trailer. I think that's plenty for now!!


  1. I just got an ok saddle cover at Flynn's for like $8. It's maybe not what I would have picked, but it keeps excess dust off my saddle in the tack room. (If you want one, they're immediately on the right inside the store, under the dressage girths.)

    Annnd... a fellow boarder has gone through many, many, many bits trying to find just the right thing for her uber picky sensitive horse. She was trying to sell some of them a few weeks ago. I would pick one up, but I have Izzy's happy bit. Anyways, I know there was baucher and I want to say it was sprenger with only like $20 on it... can certainly send you her email if you want.

  2. Oooh! Yes, please!! I'd love to know what size it is, and if it's the right size and if she can wait til Wednesday, I'll buy it for $20!