Monday, August 22, 2011

Heck with it, let's ride.

Hooray! I decided to just say "the hell with the headache" and go play with Rev this afternoon. It was really, really dang hot, so we played pony beauty salon for an hour or so, grooming, tidying up her mane, fly spray, trimming the bridle path, et cetera. I'd just gotten to the point of washing her tail when the trailer arrived back home from the show in WA this weekend, which distracted her completely. So the original plan, longing her in side reins, was a GO!

I was surprised with how well she went, honestly. After a while of longing, I would have been entirely willing to get on and ride, she was that good. It could be that she's getting broke. ;) I wore shorts, though, to keep me from doing that very thing.

After the exercise, I got to put the new-to-me fly mask on her -- a nice Cashel with ear mesh and everything. I was absolutely shocked: she let me put it on without even a single complaint. I was expecting her to resist, so I started from the right side, which tends to work best for us. And on it went, no worries. Very cool. :) That makes me really happy -- I hate seeing flies on her eyes.

Also? I picked up a bottle of Pyranha fly spray when I was at the tack shop. I tried it out for the first time today, and I am a complete convert. It smells pleasant, like Murphy's oil soap, and most importantly, the flies left. Immediately. Ohhhh this makes me SO happy. I hope it keeps Rev happy too.

Tomorrow, damn the headache, full saddle ahead!


  1. Whee! Glad the mask worked out and YAY RIDING!!!

  2. Yay indeed! :) I'm just tired of not riding, yknow? We'll see today if the mask stayed on ...