Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am so, so tired of various and sundry health issues, I tell you! This week's episode included near fainting off my poor mare on Saturday in our lesson. Luckily, my lesson mates suggested rather firmly that I get off before I fell off, and I took their advice. Several days later I still feel quite lightheaded and generally Bad; my doc says virus, maybe? And with several people at work ill, I suspect she might be right.

So -- that said -- horse news. The eldest daughter at the barn is in town at the moment, and she's absolutely a riot. It's always fun to hang out with ... er ... oh I can't come up with a clever acronym at the moment. Friday I went out to ride and discovered a party in full swing on the lawn. And by party in full swing, I mean the usual suspects (TW, TD, AM, MR), our working student (who was just watching, as she's just 15), a boarder/student (over 21, perpetrating the silliness), and said eldest daughter laughing up a storm and drinking fancy Bloody Marys.

'Cause that's how eventers roll. :)

I accepted a fancy Bloody Mary, sat down and laughed and joked, discovered I still don't like Bloody Marys, and generally enjoyed everyone's company for a while before I got up and went to bother my horse.

By the time I got on for what I intended to be a brief hack, the crowd had dispersed, leaving only TW and eldest daughter on the lawn. One lap around each direction at a walk, then start working a little, working on getting Rev to come into contact.

My brief hack turned into a short impromptu lesson! :D TW and eldest daughter were coaching from the lawn, helping me shorten my reins and steady my outside hand to get Rev bent to the inside and improve the rein contact. Note to self: keep horse moving forward; stay in charge. Letting her suck back and hollow out invites escalation.

I'm sort of waiting for my lightheadedness to go away before I go back out and practice what they were helping me learn, but I'm anxious to get there. I had to pass on my Sunday lesson because I still felt pretty rotten ... grr. Now I have to wait for Saturday before I can practice jumping again. I'm tempted to add "and it's my own damn fault!" here, but then again, it's not like I stood in line to obtain odd symptoms. ;) I'd prefer to feel perfectly normal, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, that's the news. My friend the sprinkler bandit can now have an entry to read. :)


  1. Hooray blog!! See how this works? You write, I comment, etc.

    You do seem to have all the physical luck... Please don't share. ;-)

    That said, now that I can ride, pony mare is lame. Guess it's too late. :D

  2. Hehehe. I tend to prefer to have something to write about, and then it all gets piled up, and it's kind of like "oh my gosh how am I going to write about all this?!", and so on and so forth.

    Oh bummer about pony being lame! It doesn't sound like it'll last long, will it?