Monday, February 8, 2010

Wishful thinking

From Monday: Since I can't ride tonight ... I'm daydreaming about the things I need to do, wish I could do, wish I could buy. :) I warn you: this will be long, rambly, and full of wist and links!

* I really need to take care of Rev's mane. I haven't pulled it or done anything but brush it since September, and she's starting to look like a range pony. I need to trim her bridle path down again first. Then I will probably just cut her mane a little longer than I want it, because it's way too long to pull alone, then pull it down to the right length and thickness. I really hate the way horses look with cut manes, but ... in this case, I think pulling it after cutting it will take care of it. At some point, I probably need to ask TW for a braiding lesson, because I haven't braided a horse in something like 20 years. I never did master braiding forelocks in the first place, either. So some instruction, followed by annoying my horse practicing a lot, will probably be necessary if I want to braid her at all this year. I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be not-so-good about being braided ... well, we'll just have to work through that.

* I can't wait for dry, warmer weather. Seriously, I am so tired of Epic Mud, and it's so vain, but I love my horse's white socks. Allow me to indulge my inner horse-crazy eight-year-old girl: I get squeepy when she's clean, all tacked up in nice white boots and clean white saddle pad, clean tack, and looking like A Professional Horse! I know, I know -- I shouldn't be cute about my horse, there's much more to riding than looks, allowing myself to get sentimental doesn't help the working relationship, et cetera ... but ... I'm an ex-little-girl, to paraphrase 'The Transporter.' I can't wait to get her all shed out (the process of same is astounding) and give her her first bath of the year.

* I'm working on the list of things I need, since I'll be getting some money back from taxes -- not as much as I'd like, but still. The list of things I can't do without and must replace is quite short: one helmet, one set of half-chaps or boots. I've crashed my helmet twice and bounced my head a little in it twice more, so the helmet replacement is well overdue.

Where this gets slightly more complicated is ... which helmet? Boots or half-chaps? Once I decide that, what kind of boot/half-chap? If I go with half-chaps, I'll definitely go with the Tredstep Elite half-chaps. Boots, though ... that might be nice. I have to admit that I love the feel of half-chaps; they feel so much more flexible than boots do. Then again, the tall boots I have (one of which has a broken zipper) aren't great -- I have really enjoyed my Dublin paddock boots, but I haaaaaate the tall boots. They weren't expensive, but ... ugh. I'd really like to get a set of pull-on boots, without a zipper, honestly. To make it even MORE difficult, I look a little ridiculous in Spanish tops. So -- ideal boot criteria:

* No zipper
* Fits wide calf and short shank
* Not more than $150-$200 max
* Not field boots
* Regular top or lowish Spanish top

This might be an option, but they might be a bit too tall: Ovation Finalist dress boots
A good suggestion -- these are workable, though they have a zipper; they're available in short-round sizes. A bit expensive, though: Mountain Horse High Rider II

I wonder how different men's boots are from women's and whether I might do better looking at men's sizes.

Gah, boot shopping is terrible!

Fortunately, I know which helmet I want -- I've been riding in a Tipperary, and I like the fact that it protects the back of my head, but it is definitely an odd shape. I kind of like this one better: IRH Elite Then again, after reading the reviews, maybe I ought to look into something else. I don't much care for the Troxel helmets, and I'd prefer not to have a velvet or microfiber cover, just because of dust and the way they end up looking shabby. Maybe I should go with my first instinct after all and go with a Charles Owen skull cap and a cover? I'd have to have a snazzy cover for cross-country, of course. :)

Which brings me to the next thing I would prefer to replace: Rev's brushing boots. I've used a set of Dover's generic, white, fleece-lined, PVC-outer boots on her for two years now, and they're rather the worse for wear. Not because they're white, as you might expect -- because they're made of PVC. The PVC cracks and splits easily, and I'm not terribly happy about the elastic bands. They're not bad, but ... I'd prefer to at least have something else for show. Something not made of PVC, something white.

These are an option, if I want to stick with brushing boots (better price on Legacy, but the stuff's the same): Woof Wear brushing boots in white/white
I'd almost prefer to go with splint boots, though -- there are a couple of options. These seem really high-tech, but ... I wonder. They seem like they might crack or split on the shiny parts: Davis splint boots

The other splint boots out there with the design I like don't come in white. Bah, I say! I think this is a topic I've covered already, but ... I guess I'd put her in navy blue if I had to, but I'd rather go with white on her feet.

Anyway, that's my list and pondering for now. :)


  1. I HATE pulling soon as I knew Gen was going to be retired I promised him that he would never have to have his mane pulled again! I am also not a huge fan of braiding, but you are so right in the fact that practice makes perfect! As for liking it when your horse looks nice. You are so not alone! Every year I do a whole blog post about the first bath of the year because it really does just make me that happy! I love it when my grey horse looks grey! In fact, at this time of year I swear I go nuts because he is so yellow and it drives me crazy! You so need a helmet RIGHT AWAY! A poor fitting or already not right helmet can cause some serious damage! As for boots...I tried mens and they are similar, but most were to tall for my legs, and proportionally I do have pretty long legs for being as short as I am. I am not a huge and of woof wear boots because they seem to wear out so quickly. What about real dressage sport boots? Or any of the versons of those in leather? NowThatsATrot just did a review of a generic dressage boot that she loves that she found for cheap. I clearly thought that your long post deserved a long comment :P I hope you have a good day!

  2. I'm so glad you're the same way about liking your horse to look nice! MT has told me that I shouldn't spend too much time on the ground with Rev, because he thinks it'll desensitize her to human presence. I'm sure he's right, given who Rev is and her tendency to ignore things if she feels like it, but I can't help but love to spend time brushing her and fussing over her. :) I always look forward to weekend rides, because I don't have to rush back home for anything after I ride.

    And you're right -- I absolutely NEED a new helmet. I should have replaced it after I crashed it the first time, and certainly after I had the second, much bigger crash. So that's priority one! I like my brains un-scrambled. :)

    I checked out NowThatsATrot's page -- I'd never seen those two sites she linked to, so that's awesome! Thank you! I am actually interested in not only dressage boots but boots that'll work for jumping too, and the generic ones she links to would do that. Hmmmm!

    Incidentally -- I am so delighted to find someone else who likes to ride in yellow. *laugh* I've finally given in to all the "you have GOT to be kidding" comments and decided that we'll wear blue and white, but ... I love yellow! AND ... I used to live in Chattanooga, TN, where one of the barns that works with New Vocations is located! I almost adopted a Thoroughbred from there, too. Small, small world!