Thursday, February 18, 2010


Monday: Spanish teaching.
Tuesday: Game night.
Wednesday: Worked late, had to bathe dogs immediately on getting home. Ugh. I did dream that MT and TW saw me reading some kind of school book and insisted that I shouldn't bother with all that reading and schooling, that I should quit school, live in some unspecified place on their property, and focus on riding only. *laugh* Talk about wish fulfillment; if I could quit my job and just ride, I'd be thrilled. Unfortunately, horses cost money ...

Today: Longing, finally.

Also, I suddenly -- after a training meeting for work that culminated in "oh, it doesn't matter exactly what you do, just be consistent about it" and very little "THIS is what you should do," and my resulting "FINE. I'll do it my own way then, since you don't care." -- understand how Rev feels sometimes when I'm not clear in my leadership.

Such strange things offer us insight.

Further updates as events warrant.

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