Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two thank yous

So many things to blog about ... so little order in my brain. :)

We'll start with this: More dreams featuring MT, TW, and their kids -- this one involved me having to ride both Reveille and the pony I had the most success on, Stormy, in a group lesson. MT wasn't teaching, though -- his son was. Which is odd -- J could teach, I'm sure, but he's just not a huge horse guy. So it was all very chaotic, with Reveille dancing around like a much spookier horse, jumping in and out of her pen, etc. I was terribly amused when I woke up, and when I got to the barn I told MT and TW they had to quit showing up in my dreams. :) Clearly, my brain is working on the Whole Horse Thing overtime!

So this afternoon, as I was getting ready to go out to the barn, the doorbell rang, the corgis informed me that We Were Being Robbed!, and I opened the door to the mail carrier, bringing me a prize package! :) It was from onthebit, and it was my prize for being the first to identify her car tire buried in snow. Squeee! I was so excited! I opened the package to find a very nice note on pretty horse stationery and this:

So very cool! It's a lovely white dressage pad and a bridle charm!

Thank you, onthebit -- it's great! I will actually keep this pad for show season, because I need a nice clean show pad, and I am really looking forward to putting the bridle charm on a clean bridle and horse. :) I absolutely love it! The bridle charm is definitely for good luck; see?

I can't wait! :)

So this week's schedule got blown out. Blah. But -- something good did come of it. When Thursday went awry and took Friday with it, I called TW as I was in the middle of turning my car around and changing my plan. I asked if MT could put a ride on Rev Friday morning, because she needs the work and I wasn't going to be able to come out that evening or Friday. He had the time, so yay!

And when I got to the barn today, she was so tuned. She was awake and alive to my aids, and I was able to get her to keep a strong, forward tempo, both directions. That is complete bliss, right now. She's so easy to ride when she's forward. Or at least, so much easier. I was able to actually work on positioning her nose inward, little gives and takes on the right rein, rather than moving her forward. When she did slug a little bit, she responded instantly to my leg.

Thank you, MT!!! *beam*

What with my tax refund coming in and with a bit of a reshuffle of my budget, I'm absolutely delighted to discover that I can afford to put Reveille into half-training starting in March. This might not sound like much, but it's huge for me. It means MT will ride her several days during the week, and I'll continue with my usual riding schedule, and I'll have weekly lessons. This is going to be a great thing for my girl, who needs a lot of consistent riding, just because of who she is. I anticipate it'll bring her along by leaps and bounds, compared to how she's been coming along so far. Which, in the last month, has been pretty far, so I'm happy.

Training with side reins continues to go well. I saw some real effect today while I was riding, and her muscles are developing very nicely. She needs more, of course, but it's good to have the validation that it's working.

So overall, positive progress! I have a lesson tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to, and I'll hope it goes as well. :)

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  1. You are very welcome! I am glad you liked it and that it got there safe and sound. And that is very funny that you are dreaming of the barn! I wonder what the dream means? Maybe that there son who does not like horses should not be teaching (not that it sounds like he does)? And I know what you mean about training board...I love making Phoenix's Owner get on him to warm him up for our lessons because he is just so much better after 20 minutes with her!