Friday, February 5, 2010

Square one.

So it seems that most of my other blogs (livejournal, opendiary) are going by the wayside, because all I ever really want to talk about is my horse, my riding, things I think about related to my horse and my riding, things I want, goals, and challenges ... all related to riding. And I was inspired by to create a horse blog, with nothing about other things that bother me, like work or money. I don't like talking about that stuff anyway.

So here it is: Excelsior!

ex*cel*si*or Noun: fine curled wood shavings used especially for packing fragile items. Idiomatic: small topics or items that are unrelated, unnecessary, or trivial. Also: Foreign term. "Ever higher!" New York state motto; also popularized by Stan Lee's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? television show.

So here's where I'll put my random thoughts -- the excelsior -- and my more substantial thoughts, goals, worries, stresses, and successes. And I promise to always strive for more -- excelsior!

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