Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I really like watching Rev work over her topline. She does have a really nice topline when she's in work, and it's one of the things we need to develop with her. So I longe her in side reins for now, both as part of the longing routine before I ride her and as a workout of its own once a week. This helps so much -- it helps her learn to accept the bridle through its steady contact, and it helps her work over that topline, which strengthens so many of her muscle groups. I think that if we can get her working steadily and smoothly in the side reins and then without them, we'll have gone a long way toward resolving her lateral flexion issues, just through the muscular development and submission to the bridle.

(Of course, I never ride her in side reins -- they're a training tool for the ground only, as I see it. She needs to learn to submit and stretch, but they're no substitute for correct hand, seat, and leg aids.)

Anyway, longing last night was quite pleasant and productive. Not much to report, just that life's progressing well!

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