Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mental prep

Nothing new to blog about today, since I didn't ride last night due to Spanish lessons, but -- certainly thinking about what it is I need to work on tonight.

* Clear aids, for one, both on the longe line and in the saddle, with the expectation of near-immediate response from the horse.

* Energetic gaits, both on the longe line and in the saddle, that are regular. (the regularity is, to use an abhorrent bit of corporate-speak, a "stretch goal")

* Balance, as usual! Weight aids, and keeping the correct steady leg position.

* Keeping her neck straight by allowing the left rein to be soft and lots of little gives and takes on the right -- guarding the haunches with my outside leg, as well as outside leg to inside rein.

That oughta keep me and her busy, neh?

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