Sunday, June 17, 2012

Planning the plan

So I didn't actually do a lesson on Saturday as planned with T and her daughter -- they had some drastic trailer issues that kept them from hauling out.   Instead, I longed her in side reins, rode her a bit, and then MT got on her.

Heh heh heh.

He schooled the crap out of her.  He had a 5-fence grid set up at 1-stride lengths, and he jumped one, then two, then three, etc.   He put her through straight, then each fence on an angle separately, then the other way, and so on.  He had me put a couple of the jumps up to 2'9ish-3'ish, and did the same things.   She refused one of the taller jumps on an angle twice, and he was able to use the stick on her with some authority -- the sort of thing I can't do well at the moment.

She wasn't jumping well, but MT was of course able to jump her through it.  His comment was that part of the reason she's not jumping well is because I don't have my balance when I ride her and end up pulling on her face.   Shame on me, for sure.   (*embarrassed face*)

So the plan is this:

* I ride in lessons with T and C once a week on Tuesday evenings
* MT rides Reveille once a week, I am hoping on Saturdays at 11
* I ride her as usual on Sundays and during the week with the goals of balance and position improvement, using Jimmy Wofford's gymnastic exercises over ground poles at least 2 days a week
* I exercise 5 days a week with goals of cardio fitness and balance improvement
* I keep all this logged in my lovely new training journal, as well as diagrams of exercises and thoughts.

Such gorgeous lettering, I must say ...

I prefer having a concrete plan.  I have this week planned out for what happens when and what I plan to do on those days.  Because really ... what would Brian Boitano do?  He'd make a plan and he'd follow through -- THAT'S what Brian Boitano'd do.    So would Dr. Horrible.  For that matter, I have Bad Horse in the pasture at the moment, the Quarter Horse Cross of Sin.   *nodnod*  

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