Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best idea I've had all month

So I was chewing on the issue of how to move forward and practice jumping position and confidence without having to resort to ground poles only.  My usual lesson seemed (seems) kind of intimidating at the moment, but the other Ladies' Lesson* seemed way too tame.  Somewhere there had to be a happy medium, right?   Crossrails, 2' jumps?  Yes?    And then it occurred to me!!   There might not be a standing Ladies' Lesson at that height, but my friend T and her daughter (10 years old, maximum) are doing regular jump lessons with MT now.  And they're right at the height and focusing on the things that I need to be doing.

So I checked with T to see if she minded if I joined her and her daughter, and I checked with MT to see if this idea was as brilliant as I thought it was.   Everyone's on board and excited, so that's what I'll be doing.   I am SO relieved.  This is totally doable and non-scary for me, and I can practice the basics and heal my confidence and Rev's.   Obviously I'll be doing ground poles and flatwork outside of lessons, but I really wanted to actually jump, even just small stuff.    Hooray!  (the Woff book I was mentioning yesterday I'd only do with ground poles. Not jumps, since that's not allowed outside of lessons.)

Looking forward to this now.  :)

Two observations on last night's ride:

1.  No matter how much I do, I always feel like I should have done more more more, worn myself out, worked HARDER, as soon as I dismount.   Even when my muscles are screaming and can't take one more second, I always think I didn't do enough.   I recognize that this is a distorted thought, though.   And I think having a written training plan will help with this.   (details on written training plan to be announced later after the acquisition of a training journal and Woff book)

2.  Rev started to relax pretty well last night.  She's been so crooked and resistant that she feels downright off to the right, but longing in side reins and insisting that her shoulders be in front of me is making a big difference.   I find that -- shock of shocks -- she relaxes pretty well when I get into balance and make a concerted effort to keep my hands low.  Even if I don't use the neck strap, which I've been practicing with in order to be able to use it effectively when jumping, I try to keep my hands in a place where I can at least touch it.  Seems to be working.  I'll keep doing this.

*: TD, or maybe MT, came up with this a while ago to refer to the 10:00 on Saturday lesson slot.  Students consisted of me at 36 and L and M around (over? Hard to say) 60.   MR sometimes joined us, at 45-50, and GG at 55-60ish.   I liked the idea of a Ladies' Lesson so that's how I've thought of it ever since.

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  1. I think the new lesson will let you guys sort some stuff out. Good idea.