Tuesday, June 19, 2012

List of exciting things

  • Lesson tonight with T and her daughter!   This should be lots of fun.  It's not super-hot out there at all, and T is always SO positive and fun to be with.   Great way to get back into jumping lessons.  :)  
  • MT is going to get on Reveille before I start this evening, just to make sure things go well.  This will be good, seeing as I had work issues yesterday and family stuff on Sunday, so I haven't been on since Saturday.  Bleh, but that's how it is.  
  • My new iPhone arrived today!!   It's installing applications even now, and the phone activation is in progress ... hurry hurry!   I can't wait to play Zombies, Run!
  • On the topic of running, I have been to the gym as planned since Sunday.  Woo, two whole days, I know, but it's also worth being pleased that I have stuck to my plan with the gym, at least.
  • The Sprinkler Bandit and a bunch of folks are coming out tonight to school XC at our barn!  :)  It'll be fun to watch her, for sure.  My money's on her not being worried at all and her coming out feeling even awesomer than she usually does.   
  • I get to borrow TSB's copy of Jimmy Wofford's gymnastics book, yay!  So I get to make little diagrams and things.  

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