Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to normal.

Well. My dream is about to become reality: I can go ride tonight! Whoohoo!! :)

I got to ride once this weekend too; I wasn't in any pain Friday or Saturday, but the doc recommended I take it easy Friday and not ride, so I took her advice. Plus, I had to work late, so ... yeah. No ride time, even if I could have. So a jumping lesson on Saturday it was! We had a great time, though I felt like my lack of riding and lessons in the last couple of weeks showed and held me back a little. That'll get resolved, though, starting tonight.

My goal in our jumping lessons in the next period is to get us going firmly and completely forward, in a more uphill balance, so that we don't have that tiny pause before jumps. Flowing forward, jumping just as an afterthought to the "we are going THIS way in THIS pace in THIS rhythm" process.

Sunday the pain arrived, so I crashed pretty hard and didn't ride.

But today! Ride! :)

I also got my new stirrup leathers, Nunn Finer lined leathers, for my jumping saddle, and I am absolutely delighted. The 3/4 inch width was a little smaller than I'd expected, and I was afraid they'd look silly on my saddle, but they really don't. I love the half-holes, and they just look lovely and high-quality. What's more, they're EVEN. One isn't way more stretched out than the other. I don't feel off-balance. This is an awesome feeling. :) I also don't have huge tails dangling off the side of my saddle, either -- I am SO short that I not only use the 48" leathers but could probably go as short as 42". There's still about 4-6" of tail from the 48" leathers! Hee.

Anyway, ready for things to go back to normal again now, thanks. :)

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