Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VCBH: Makin' babies

Viva Carlos, our excellent bloghopper, asks:  If you could/were inclined to breed your horse (assuming the horse were a mare AND no backyard breeding qualms existed), who would you breed to and WHY?

Ha.  This is an EASY one for me.  In this ideal world, my mare is a Knabstrupper mare from Cedar Creek Stables, probably Paula. I love the athleticism, the disposition, and the SPOTS!

The stallion?  Tzigane PB, of course.  We have a lot of Taz babies and grandbabies at our barn, and he stamps his foals with amazing athletic ability, willing and trainable dispositions, and a certain presence -- not to mention the adorable floppy Trakehner ears!

I know enough foals out of the Taz line that I would feel entirely confident breeding a nice mare to Taz.  There are also some Knabstrupper/Trakehner (Taz in particular) babies out there already, eventing and dressaging and jumping and succeeding.  I very nearly bought one sight unseen when I was looking for Apollo, but I'm mostly glad I didn't - the mare would have been too young and green for me, and Apollo is exactly what I need.

Now, granted, I didn't quite answer the question - I think the idea was "if your horse were a mare, who would you breed to and why?"   If Apollo were a mare, I wouldn't have bought him.  BUT.  If everything were the same, disposition and ability and all, I would absolutely breed her (Apollonia, natch!).  Temperament and ability that nice would definitely bear passing on, especially in a mare.  So I might breed to Taz, just because I love that line, but maybe another Thoroughbred - maybe A Fine Romance - or maybe Taz's son Semper Fi (Snapper), who we have on site and has thrown some VERY nice babies.

So ideally I would have a spotted Taz baby.   :)  One day.  I even have names picked out for the potential foal, although one of them is rather unpronounceable unless you know anything about a particular roleplaying game, so it'd probably be the other.  Which, being a Mesoamerican native word, isn't much better, but more than the other ... heh.  :)


  1. Replies
    1. What, you don't like it? :) Taz is super awesome!

  2. Dang girl you have that all planned out!!

  3. Although I'm generally not a big Trakehner fan, I've always like Taz! Also a big AFR fan. We must have similar taste. ;)

    1. We must! :) I haven't yet met a Taz baby I didn't absolutely adore. We have/have had Harry Houdini, Hurricane Hannah, Hard Charger, Mercury Rose, Semper Fi, and Henzmann (I think? sp?) at our barn, and we've had a few whose names I don't remember as well - and the Snapper filly Resident Alien, another two set to hit the ground any day now, and another one brewing! All of them are fantastic athletes and have such nice tempers, and all but Manny are superb eventers ... Manny is a superb children's jumper. ;) LOVE that line.

  4. What a great cross I never really thought about before! Good answer!