Monday, May 12, 2014

Show that didn't.

Well, I wish I had better news re: the little jumper show, but alas. ME and BE and LH and I decided, after we'd driven to the show grounds in increasingly heavy rain, that we didn't want to chance a confidence breaker.

Granted, we could have eventered up and jumped in the slop and the rain, but ... The rain had splats of ice in it, the warmup had moved to the indoor arena that had no jumps in it and would be seriously crowded, and the footing started sloppy and got progressively sloppier. I won't say that ME noped her way out of there, but I did. I knew I hadn't ridden enough that week to have it be a good idea for me to ride the show. The organizers insisted the weather would get better in half an hour, but again ...nope.

Nope nope nope nope nope ... nopetopus, nopeapotamus. :)

Kind of sad, because the jumps looked fun and I looked adorable in my casual show clothes, but there you have it.

In other news, I'm beginning to think that Apollo is going to need his hocks injected this year rather than next. He's been switching off behind in the canter lately, especially to the right and especially when jumping (you can see him do it in the video in the previous entry, for example), and that's just not like him. It could be rider related, as certainly my right side, SI joint and hip/knee joints, is pretty different from my left, but I think it's partly him too. He just seems a little odd on the inside right hind. Not off, just ...odd. I'll have one of the Mitts look when they get home.

If I need to get his hocks done, I want to either get them done NAO so he can have his five days off in time for is to ramp back up for the event derby on June 1 and the unrecognized horse trials on June 7-8. :D So looking forwRd to it - I hope my dressage is up to snuff! We'll be doing Intro and a jump round at BN in the derby and going full BN in the horse trials. Heee. :) exciting!

. Updates as events warrant ...


  1. Sucks about the weather, hopefully everything works out for your next set of shows!

  2. The weather actually did get better, but no idea if it would have been in time for your classes.

    Yay derby!

  3. better safe then sorry :)

    there will be more shows :)

  4. I agree with Karley. No reason to chance it unless you and your horse both woke up on the "Yeah Boy!" side of the bed/stall that day.