Wednesday, May 21, 2014

VCBH: Bit it up!

Says Viva Carlos, "For this week's blog hop, as I continue to struggle to find the right bitting situation for the Dinosaur Jr. I want to hear all about what bit you ride your current beastie in and why!"

Well!  I am SO glad you asked!  I just got one in the mail - the one I'd borrowed from Michele got to go back to her little guy, since she's cleared to start him back under saddle now. Since Apollo can hang on the bit, MT recommended I get a much narrower bit than the chunky lozenge/Dr. Bristol bits I'd been using (one each, dressage and jumping respectively), something that would be uncomfortable to hang on while not being too sharp. 

Thus entered the racing dee bits I have now!  The FLTS here didn't have the bit I wanted - all too thick and hang-on-able, so I had to order one from Amazon and one from Horze. The amazon bit has hurge dees on it, so I will probably swap that to his jumping bridle and use this new one from Horze on the dressage bridle, because it's much more conservative-looking.  The amazon bit is a little narrower, but ...ah, I dunno which would be more improved by not hanging, dressage or jumping. Decisions, decisions!  Any input, oh peanut gallery?

He does respect this bit more than the chunkier bits, I must admit. Not like he would a Waterford or a twisted wire, neither of which he needs, but he does pay more attention.

Without further ado, the bits!

The Horze bit:

And the amazon bit (and some earrings I bought with the same gift card) - you can see how hurge the dees are: