Monday, September 19, 2011

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Sunday's jumping lesson went better. Not perfect, and some of the same problems, but better than Saturday, as usual.

Homework? Practice over poles. Pace pace pace pace. Straightness -- if she pops her shoulder in one direction between the poles, circle her off to that direction to correct the pop. And practice between two-point and sitting. And practice softer hands through the lines.

And gym work. MT says "cardio, cardio, cardio." Okay, can do. :)

Also, in the immortal words of Louis Armstrong, "Work that rhythm with all you got." Yup, that's important too.


  1. I <3 homework. I don't know how you manage two lessons a week--once every two weeks just about blows my little mind.

  2. I do so much better in consistent work, just like my horse. We start a concept on Saturday, then really work it on Sunday, and sometimes wash, rinse, repeat for several weeks. I find it helps immensely. My little mind needs to be fed and watered regularly or else it shrivels up and dies. :)