Friday, September 9, 2011

Some days.

Some days I have really disjointed rides. Tonight was one of them -- I just couldn't seem to get myself together, I was stiff and sore, and I need to see my chiropractor and my massage therapist like nobody's business. Rev was herself; I wasn't doing her any favors tonight, for sure. She was counterbent no matter which direction we went, at first, and then eventually I was able to get some semblance of bend from her. And eventually she rounded up, but when I'd try to do such radical things as steer, she'd bring her head back up. Sigh.

Some days I think that this would be so, so much easier with a horse that was actually bred for dressage. Or at the least a Thoroughbred with a smaller, finer throatlatch.

Some days I think maybe I should give up on this eventing thing and just go be a jumper -- I think Rev would make a fine hunter or jumper (but I am so not going near hunter-land!!), and I know I can do the jumpers.

But no. I want to event. Reveille is entirely capable of dressage -- I've seen her do it! I'm entirely capable of dressage. This was just a bad day. It wasn't even a bad ride, to be honest -- we had good moments. And everybody stayed on her own side of the saddle.

Some days, though, are harder than others.

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