Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, the weekend went much better. From jumping lessons (shortening my stirrups affected my riding more than I thought!) to watching a cross-country lesson from Rev's bare back, it was a good weekend.

Shorter stirrups meant I had to ride more from my seat and less from my leg. And my thighs were much sorer than they are normally! I just -- just now, as I type! -- made that connection. Derp. ;) Anyway, we finally got our act together in the last line or two, and I was a little sad that we couldn't go again, just to really really do well. But apparently it looked good, so we ended there. Yay.

And I really, really love riding around bareback on Rev. Sometimes I suspect that that's what it's all about, just riding and bonding. She's got a very comfortable back, too. :) When we moved to the cross-country field, though, she was eating and generally making a distraction, so I went ahead and put her away. No need to disturb someone else's lesson just so I can amuse myself with my horse.

This week's practice: ride in my jump saddle in short stirrups!

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  1. It's amazing how much correct stirrup length changes your position. ;-) Ask me how I know.