Friday, September 30, 2011

And in other news

I love it when Reveille's in the mood she's been in this past week: totally rideable, totally willing, and open to working as a team. :) On Monday, when I started out longing her, she had this workmanlike attitude, the one you want -- like "Okay, fine, I'm trotting, I'm cantering, I'm walking -- let's go do something now, okay? Just get up on my back!"

And yesterday, I was practicing two-point to settled to sitting, and at the same time practicing bringing her back and sending her on in the canter. I absolutely adore her bigger canter, especially when she's working like she was yesterday. I ask for the canter, ka-da-bump ka-da-bump we canter. I shift my weight a bit; she shifts her balance and gives me her ears, yes? I'm here? I ask for more canter, and it's so fun to hear her footfalls change. Ka-da-BUMP! ka-da-BUMP! Same rhythm, but more authority and bigger strides. I shift my weight and stop some of my hip movement, and she comes back to ka-da-bump canter again. Love it. :)

So yeah. Good little mare. :) Love the little mare.

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