Friday, June 28, 2013

Questions from Katie

Katie, after she answered the Liebster questions I set up, put up her own questions, with a spin of her own on them.   So you get to learn more about me in general, rather than What We Did Last Night (trot sets, incidentally).   :)

Answer these questions-
1. What is your main goal with horses?  Ride.  I know it sounds simple and obvious, but really, everything pales next to just being able to ride my horse, hang out with my partner, feel the rhythm of his gaits and follow his interest through his ears.   My less important goals are to compete in recognized events, eventually go to a Training 3-Day, to do a Limited Distance endurance ride someday, and to always keep improving my skills.  But if all the competition was to be banished tomorrow, I'd still love to ride, and riding would be my goal.

2. Is it able to be accomplished?  Oh yes.  I kind of think that goals should be fluid and attainable.  For example, a goal to ride in Rolex, for me, would be unattainable -- I don't have the drive to get there, nor the money, nor the natural athleticism, nor the horse.  It's a lovely goal ... for someone else.  ;)   And if I reach a goal of competing in a recognized event (and finishing on a number, not a letter), then my next goal can be doing better in the next one.  And so on. 
3. What do you do with your nerves before a show etc.?  I don't know any more, to tell you the truth!  Before this last derby, every challenge had me in the porta-john way too many times, wound up, and in need of some kind of external courage in order to face it.  At this last derby and in the clinic before it, I just made sure I was well hydrated and had the amount of time to warm up that I needed.  I tried to not psych myself out, just kind of ignore the little shrieking voice and trust.   And my show-nerves stomach, that has been my pattern since I was in my first hunter show?  Didn't happen.   So I don't know.  I'll let you know what I do and how it works once I start showing.
4. Are you competitive?  Against my best efforts to stop being competitive ... yes.  I am.  I like to win.  On the other hand, eventing is less about competing against other people and more about competing against the courses and yourself.   So despite my lesser self loving the blue ribbons, my better self just likes to ride well, however I come out in the standings.
5.  Are you the kind to Shoot down all the competition type of competitive, or the fun and supportive type of competitve?  Oh definitely the second.  I don't like shooting people down.  I have a terrible tendency to criticize when I think people are making bad decisions or being dangerous, but when it comes to competition, I'll loan you whatever you need, cheer you on, tell you how impressed I am with your ride, tell you what jump is sticky, et cetera.  We're all in this together!
6.What have you done to support your fellow riders lately?  I volunteer to scribe a lot -- I scribed at a dressage show last weekend.  :)   I am a member of the local show organization, etc.  I am supportive and encouraging to folks at the barn and remind them -- thinking of one in particular -- that no, you DON'T suck, that your horse is a GREAT horse, and look how far you've come!  
Now write a blog about somthing you could change in the riding world, something that you think is important, maybe its how people dont give horses time off after a big show season, or in the Hunter world how the trainers can ride the horse right before it goes in the ring then the kids hop right on? Or maybe its just how you wish horses pooped less!?

Stay tuned!   :)
Then write a note to the person/people that have always been there for you, and supported you through riding, and if you have been the person without support, talk about the struggle about doing it by yourself if it was a struggle.

Again, stay tuned!   These two deserve entries of their own.   

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