Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Two brief canter-related notes:

* I didn't mention this earlier, but during our jump lesson on Sunday, I got a flying change from Apollo from right to left lead.  Heee.  :)   I know you hunters do this all the time and work hard on it, but it's not as big a deal for us eventers, especially at the low levels.  So it was kind of cool to ask for it and get it!

* During my dressage ride tonight, I was working on actually riding the canter, rather than just asking for it and getting it and then being all OMG CANTERING WOO.  I mean, I generally do more than just that, but tonight I was really working on the quality of the canter, getting accurate figures in the canter, and maintaining a good contact in the canter.  All stuff I haven't really worked on so far.   I was asking him to go forward boldly, and he was rounding his neck and actually working, rather than kind of going around a little stiffly.  

Then ... I thought "omg! he's going to throw a buck!  wtf?!"   But I kept riding forward, just because that helps.   And I'll be damned if he didn't keep going in that frame for a long side.  He wasn't croup high, he had rounded up his back and was carrying me in the canter!   His neck was round, his back was up, and whoa.  Neat feeling.   :D   Note to self:  Keep canter forward, leg on, contact even to get him round!

I credit our resident European with the progress.  :)  Apollo does so well with a pro ride every week ... he steps up, and I really benefit from it.  Thank you, resident European!!

Trot sets tomorrow, yay.