Monday, July 30, 2012

Recap in bullets

Briefly - more soon, but wanted to jot a few thoughts down:

  • Excellent trip. Very successful and fun. TSB is a great road trip companion. 
  • Met some wonderful people, to whom I will link soon. I am so grateful and happy to have met them!
  • As for the horses, not a single one was what I expected.  I didn't love the one I expected to adore, hated one I expected to be meh on, and adored the one I expected to be terrified by. 
  • The description of my ideal horse turns out to be very similar to what I adored - substitute chestnut thoroughbred and 11 years old, and you have Gator. Shock!
  • Lovely tack shop, that Olson's. 
  • I love living in the West. Majestic shit, y'all. What a great place to be a native of. 
  • I haven't pulled an all-nighter in 13 years or so. Don't think I will do it again if I can avoid it. 
  • I think I might rename Gator. I get why he's named what he is, being an Alydar grandson, but I just don't like it. We'll see. Current name in mind: Rubico, barn name Red.  Expansion on this later. 

Now, lunch and work and getting corgis. :)


  1. I still like Alygator... Vote... 1... So does madison.. so two votes!LOL:)

    1. Heh. I might keep it - he's known around here, and it might be a pain to get everyone on board. Plus, his owner said it grew on her over time, so ... We'll see. Right now I new to get him here (in progress) and take him to Idaho Equine for radiographs and care plan and evaluation by Stuart.

    2. I agree with Katie! I think Alygator is funny and cute. Can't wait to see pics of him!

      Vote #3!

    3. LOL - Cute is why I don't like it! I prefer dignified or clever, but cute, not so much. Then again, his grandsire is Alydar and his sire Alyrat, so ... I would have rather seen him be Alycat, but I bet someone already used that. ;)

      Ah, I'll keep it. Fine fine fine. :) Path of least resistance.