Monday, July 2, 2012


Ah, the miracles of modern medicine!  The culprit was, as usual, sinus issues that dropped into my chest -- I got antibiotics and steroids from the minor emergency doc, and things are clearing RIGHT up!  Hooray.

I was feeling good enough to head out to scribe for a dressage show this last Sunday, which was fun.  It's a small, friendly show, and the judge was one I've worked with before and like quite a lot.  Her scoring is fair and consistent, and she's easy to scribe for.  The people are fun, nice horses, etc.

The yellow jackets I could have done without, but ... if I had to get stung, I was in the perfect situation: already taken allergy medicine and steroid for the day, I always carry Benadryl in my truck emergency kit, and there was an EMT on site who happened to have a bee sting pain reducer thingy.  Plus I didn't get stung a jillion times, which would have been Bad(tm).

Talked to a couple of people there about Rev being for sale, whether they knew anyone who was looking for a horse like her or if they had a horse like what I'm looking for available.

Er.  Did I mention Rev is for sale?  She is.  Long period of introspection and weighing pros and cons, and I came up with "sell beloved horse to person who will rock her socks off, buy been-there-done-that sort of horse to get me miles and confidence."   If you know anyone who's looking for a horse like Rev (meaning short, young, talented, and sane -- brave if her rider is), here she is on DreamHorse!   (Price negotiable, especially to good home.)  And if you know anyone who's got a reasonably priced BTDT eventer for sale, one who'll give a less confident but relatively capable adult ammy something to work with, let me know.

So today the farrier came out; I'd scheduled for 10 AM, but he thought we were at 11, so I got to sneak a ride in.  I'd not been on since last week due to being flattened by Teh Sik, so she was a little squirrely but honestly, not bad.  That made me quite happy.   So: new pedicure, I managed to drag the fly mask out from my tack locker where it'd fallen behind my drawer set, fly spray, sunblock on her nose, and decent ride.   I'll call this a win, yeah?


  1. Yellow jackets while scribing?? Not a job for the faint of heart. Yikes!

    :) Full support here. I'll keep my ears open for you and ask around.

  2. Wow... good for you... Like SprinklerBandit... Full supoort here!