Monday, June 16, 2014

Little and less - ALSO: Father's Day for Apollo!

Not much to report, honestly - life can get in the way sometimes, as we all know, and letting people yell at me all day can sometimes sap my energy by the time I get home.

However -- I did get out on Saturday for a completely amusing and relaxing ride.  I had intended to just longe, check to see how his scratches were doing, but when I saw he was going well, I just couldn't stand not getting in the saddle.  On the other hand, I just wasn't up to Work, either.  I just kind of wanted to hang out with my horse.

So that's what we did! I gave him a long rein and just ... let him pick the direction.  He advised me that he'd really like to go west, please, preferably to the fillies' pasture where the grass is REALLY REALLY green and oh by the way the hay barn is there too.

I replied that even though he could pick the direction of our ride, I reserved the right to veto things I deemed unsafe, like trying to ride through the hay barn to get to the green green pasture, like going too far down the road to the well machinery, and going down the paved road off the property.  Not that the paved road itself is dangerous, but I hadn't told anyone I was leaving the property or when I would be back, I haven't wandered far out that way yet, and I was alone.  All of that adds up to "Not right now" in my mind.

So poor Apollo didn't get to go very far west, but maybe someone will want to walk down the road with us next weekend, and Apollo can find out what lies in the lands to the west.   :)

Meanwhile, I'm planning to get back to Work as of this evening, back to the dressage.

Also?  The Sprinkler Bandit is super awesome.  :)  Also also, I have more of her secondhand stuff than anyone else's.  I know FITS aren't for everyone, but I admit to being baffled by it ... *grin*

ALSO!   Happy Father's Day to Apollo, the stallion that sired Apollo's Double:

Apollo Pensioned


  1. Thanks to blogger being ridiculous, I just saw this post. So glad you are loving the breeches! Some one needed to.

    And I vote yes to riding down the road, but I totally get nixing it on your own.

    1. Exactly - we totally will, but not without someone along at first, and not without letting someone know I went! :)