Thursday, January 30, 2014

Riding late again

Here I am, at work until 6:30 again tonight -- I better get used to it, because after a 4 week training session of 8-5, my schedule will be 10-6:30 indefinitely -- so I'll be getting out to see the Bad Horse again late tonight. That's all good, though; must get on horse. Well, actually, I'll just longe, because I don't want to be keeping the ME team up too late keeping an eye on things. Still, Bad Horse must be exercised.

I really want to get in the saddle, though ... tomorrow. When it's not so late. Watching these videos that redheadlins made right when she got Apollo off the track motivate me to get on him, get him nice and round and work on those muscles!

Anyway ... I probably need to find a way to ride before work, once my daily schedule goes to 10-6:30. It shouldn't be hard. Most people think a 10 AM start is way late and wonder how on earth I can't find time to ride in the morning. But. Most people aren't me. I looooooove sleep. I never get enough of it. I have Issues With Sleep (tm).

Seems like every time I get one thing under control -- diet, sleep, exercise, job, animals, relationship, money, mental health -- at least one other goes straight to hell. Right now I have just managed to get my mental health under control, and my diet got thrown off bigtime. Sleep and exercise are still labeled "pending/minimal," animals are at 85%, and job is labeled "soon."

Anyway again. Need to find out if it's workable for me to ride early, then, yknow, get up and do it. One crisis at a time, though. Let's get through this no full time job crisis first. :)


  1. Morning rides are the best, but yes sleep is also lovely:)

  2. I hate getting up early, its why I work nights ;) And I think we all are juggling our health,sanity,career,sleep,etc it's a hard balance at times. Glad you are at least seeing your pony.

  3. You'll get it figure out. Good to pick your battles. :)

  4. So cool you know where he came from and he had a great start :)

  5. I love sleep too!

    Hopefully you can get a good routine for you both :)

  6. Scheduling in personal time is hard!