Friday, January 24, 2014

I think we all

Wish for a way to check in with our horses when we can't be there with them.  I got caught up helping my Mom this evening so didn't make it to the barn, and I am fretting some.  I want to call Apollo up on his iPhone Equine and ask him how he feels. 

How's the left front doing?  Does it feel sore in the hoof or in the leg?  How sore?  Better or worse?  Are you warm enough?  Too warm?  Dry?  How're your hind pasterns feeling?  That little cut on your coronal band, how's that?  Eating and drinking enough?  Those other boys aren't playing too rough with you, are they?  Have you been thinking about being brave on XC and smooth in dressage?  

Apparently I turn into a stereotype when I fret!


  1. Hope he is ok. This January has taken too many already.

    1. I agree -- I am so hoping it's just something simple. Please oh please let it be simple. :/

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! We'll see tonight how he is.