Monday, December 16, 2013

Dream Wishlist

So I have seen a few people post this kind of entry lately: 5 things on my horsey wishlist for Santa. Right now, money is so scarce for me as to be on the Endangered Species list, so this is the stuff I'm dreaming about. I'm saving as much as I can, but that's just dribs and drabs here and there, nothing big, so these dreams probably won't come true for a while.
HOWEVER! We can all dream, eh?

1. County Conquest saddle. 18" or 18.5", medium tree, with a fitting from a County fitter included. Brown, with -- because this IS a dream -- short, forward flaps. I like my Collegiate saddle, but it doesn't fit Apollo well, and I don't love it. County FTW!

2. Two County Logic girths.
One for my jump saddle, one for my dressage saddle. I think the size for the jump girth would be 48" - 50", and the dressage would be 22" - 24". Would have to measure.
And thinking of dressage saddles ...

3. County Perfection dressage saddle.
18" or 18.5", medium tree, with a fitting from a County fitter included. Black, with short flaps -- again, this IS a dream. :)

4. FITS breeches. Moar FITS! :) Another tan pair, a white pair, and then any color from there. Just enough to cover a three-day event, since I have one tan pair already, and a few more pairs to ride in every day.

5. A nice pair of tall boots. It doesn't even have to be custom boots. Just something that looks nice, fits my calf, and isn't so tall that I can't bend my knees. These three things are difficult to find in one pair of boots, so much so that this becomes a dream.

So that's my main horsey wishlist. I think I'll probably pick up a set of black SoftGrip reins after Christmas, because I'm tired of the ThinLine reins freezing in my dang hands, and I did manage to score a ThinLine pad for a song at the FLTS. :) Super kind of them to let me know one had come in on consignment -- and I happened to have just the price of the pad in consignment money of my own, so I was able to get it for not much at all. Yay -- Merry Christmas to me!

But for the rest of it ... Santa? I've been very good this year, and more to the point, so has Apollo. He's been better than me, honestly. He deserves at least a jump saddle that fits him and makes his back happy -- he's the best guy ever, and he deserves everything in the world.


  1. Let us know how you like the thinline pad!

  2. Easy: I luuurrrrve it!! I got to demo one a while ago, so I know it works. It's thin enough that it doesn't interfere with saddle fit, and it is quite shock absorbent. Apollo goes better in it, so that's all te convincing I needed. Two thumbs up!