Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogging from the barn!

So I have a rule: I only ride in double digit temperatures.

I also have an observation: the weather app on my iPad is a lying liar!  The weather app said it was 12 degrees; barely in my double digit range. So I came out with the idea of longing and feeding Apollo.

Yeah, no. It's 7 here now. Definitely too cold.

So I am waiting in the warm tack room for Apollo's beet pulp to soak, and I'll not even bring him in - just feed him in the pen, pick his feet while he eats, and boogie on out of here.

In comparison to L. Williams' barn outfit for yesterday, I am wearing: expedition weight thermal bottoms and top, heavy sweat pants, smart wool heavy socks, Bogs, a fleece top, my heavy Carhartt jacket, a balaclava, and an earflap wool/fleece hat.  SEVEN degrees.

Even Hazel the sometimes evil barn cat says it's too cold for evil or for slashing, and she's in my lap, purring, as I type. Photo to come soon.


  1. They're fantastic barn boots - they're waterproof, warm, and difficult to destroy. :)