Friday, December 9, 2011

Pictures, sort of.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures -- I forgot my regular camera and only had my phone camera, which is craptacular. Still, I have some pictures! I might even have better pictures tomorrow, but we'll see. Pictures in the barn are difficult at best, so I'd need sunlight to get the full pretty-ness of the bridle and the mare.

Anyway, without further ado, pictures!

I forgot I had this one on my phone -- I think it's cute. I was playing around with my phone camera, trying to get a good picture of us. I look at it now and laugh at how similar our expressions are. A friend says "You buy what you are" in relation to horses, and I have to agree! Short? Check. Brunette? Check. Smart? Check. Stoic? Check. A little on the lazy side? Check! Not impressed by pictures? CHECK! Chubby? Check, check. ;)

Here's the signature Five Star Tack silver Celtic cross! Seriously, this bridle looks SO good on her. The proportion of the width of the straps to her head is just perfect. I will probably need to shorten the cheek pieces and put a few holes in the flash, but still. PERFECTION.

Margie was trying to help get Rev a little more interested in pictures by snapping carrot bits while I stood near Rev's head, trying to get the picture. Rev seems to know that she never gets carrots with her bit in; she was kind of puzzled and nonplussed at this whole endeavor. She kept stepping forward to keep her head at my shoulder -- good girl! That's what I want in general! -- but it did make pictures a little tougher. Still, you can see the pretty bridle in this shot. :)

Meanwhile, I've got a sinus/bronchitis thing going on at the moment. I should be wise and not go out in the cold (very COLD cold) to ride. However ... I need to ride. And I told Margie I'd be there, so. I'll bundle up and carry my inhaler, which my doctor, with a concerned expression on her face, told me to use every four hours for a few days instead of "only occasionally when you're short of breath." At least the pulse oxygen meter didn't make alarming beeps this time when the NP put it on my finger!

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