Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Also -- just because I'm thinking of it: among the barn chores I want to do this weekend is Clean Out Brush Caddy. To include Clean Brushes.

The trick is this, though: how long does it take brushes to dry? Assuming I had permission to leave them in the heated tack room vice my unheated tack locker, of course. In my tack locker, the answer to that would be "until summer." They'd freeze solid, and I'm certain Reveille would not appreciate that in the slightest. If said permission wasn't given, I'd need to bring the brushes home with me. Which might be an option, actually. Probably the best option.

And one of these days I ought to get myself a royal blue brush caddy. The one I have is green. As I recall, my options were green or red when I bought it, so ... yeah. This, however, is so far down on my list of priorities as to rank with Pedicure. ;) I.E., "nice, fun, and wholly unnecessary."


  1. I have a royal blue brush caddy sitting on my living room floor. It's even sort of clean. Want it?

    And yes, I was definitely going to suggest "take them home" although "dry them out of reach of the corgis" was idea #2.

  2. Oh absolutely! I'll trade you my green one for it if you want. :)

    Yeah -- definitely keeping them out of reach of the corgs. They'd be totally unusable otherwise ...