Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Retail therapy for the horsey set

Is it time to go yet? I wanna ride.

However, because it's been raining, I also need to get to the Evil Empire this evening to pick up mud boots. The muck boots (neoprene type) I have make me just miserable and I hate them, so I am getting a new set of plain rubber boots. I really ought to get the plain black and green kind for $18.

But ... DOTS! I love dots! My inner three-year-old is throwing a fit about wanting DOTS. :) But they're six dollars more.

The killer in all of this is that I technically have the money to buy Rev a light turnout, which she needs. But if I do that, I'll have $20 to put in the gas tank of my Dodge Ram 1500. Which won't get me far. So I had better be responsible and squash my inner horse-indulger-and-worrier: Rev is NOT out there freezing to death. She is a HORSE, and horses have winter coats. She can wait until the 14th for a light blanket. YES SHE CAN, self. It's far better to have the gas to get to work to earn the money for a blanket and to get myself out to the barn to put a warm wool cooler on her before I groom her so her little self can be warm. ;)

EDITED TO ADD: Ah, screw it. I'm getting the dots. The little teehee! I'll get every time I wear them is worth six dollars.


  1. Whee!! Dots. Did you buy online or in person?

  2. In person. It's on my way home, and I wanted instant gratification. I also wanted some sweatshirts, but they didn't have the ones I wanted in the price range and weight I wanted. So I got a flu shot instead.

  3. So glad you went for the dots. Corn maze soon? Yes?

  4. I was thinking next weekendish? When are you in town?

  5. I'm in town more than I'm not.... at least until December. Coincidentally I'm not available next weekend, but the following week (after Tuesday) I'm free...