Monday, April 25, 2011

Not so much progress.

Bleh. This last week wasn't really my week, riding-wise. Work interfered for several days, and when I did ride, Rev was a PITA. Mares and their heat cycles, ugh.

Turns out I really wasn't doing things right, even though I thought I was -- heh, this is why I take lessons! So MT rode Rev on Saturday, and then on Sunday he started her and I rode after. I was really, really disappointed with my ride on Sunday. I just wasn't clicking, kind of like I'd mentioned in a previous entry. And to make it worse, I started having asthma symptoms in the middle of the lesson. Sigh. After I hit my inhaler, things got better immediately, but still. I hate that. It makes me feel weak and incompetent.

So given that disappointment with myself, I'm going to ride lots more this week. :) I need to work more, period, and work more steadily at it. So every day but Wednesday this week I'll be at the barn. I have a lesson tentatively set for Thursday evening. I'm looking forward to it -- I hope we can do a little jumping! There's a cross-country clinic this weekend that I'm planning on going to, so jumping a little before we start that would be good. :)

So yeah. I had a discouraging day of "I am the WORST rider on this entire property" yesterday, but yknow, we all have them sometimes. Right?? Right? I just need to keep at it.

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