Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Didn't get to ride last night -- my evening turned into a bad shoulder day suddenly, so I took pain medicine and conked out early.

However, looking forward to it tonight. :) Looking forward to practicing contact again and making progress. Note to self: if I'm having trouble at the walk, go ahead and go trot. MT mentioned this at our Saturday lesson, that if I'm having too much trouble and getting too much fight from Rev at the walk, going to trot can help resolve the issue because there's more push off the ground. From there, I can work at the contact and do lots of transitions -- walk to trot, trot to walk, back and forth between bigger and smaller trot, et cetera.

Yay horses! :)

I'm scribing the first Test of Choice night tomorrow night, which will be fun! I love scribing. And then this weekend I'll be scribing a bigger dressage show with a judge I've never met before. That'll be fun too!! I've got the scribing abbreviations stuck to my cube wall so I can learn them better.

Out of town next weekend, so no rides then, but I'm thinking I'll ask MT to put a ride on Rev on Saturday. She can have Friday and Sunday off, I suppose. Hmph.

Still, life's looking good.

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