Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet relief

Oh, hallelujah. We won't be leaving until Friday morning. Dark o'clock on Friday, but that's okay. I'll still have Thursday night to do things like clean and cook. Not to say that I won't be cleaning tonight, but ... still, much easier to have two evenings to do everything.

Also, my friend is letting me sleep in the back of the trailer, rather than a tent -- another hallelujah!! I would absolutely positively any day of the week and twice on Sunday rather sleep in the trailer than in a tent. It'll be safer for the corgs at night, too.

Okay, a lot of stress just fell away. Deep breaths.

Funny -- it's not the riding that's worrying me! I know I can do it, and if things go pear-shaped there, I can scratch and have no harm done. It's all the life things included in Going To A Show that were stressing me out. Nice change, enh?

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