Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Why is it that the week before a show is always when things go pear-shaped in my non-horse life? Yeeesh! Looks like I'll have a long day/night tonight to get everything done that needs to be done before the show.

Things like laundry, dishes, housecleaning, packing my own gear, getting the corgis' gear ready to go, getting the cats' care stuff ready for my friend who's taking care of them, cooking a potluck dish, grocery shopping ... ACK.

Oh, and riding. Somehow I have to get on my horse tonight, too. And I have to find a way to get up in time to longe her tomorrow morning -- I am pretty sure we'll need to be leaving tomorrow night, since my friend has a KOC clinic at 9 AM on Friday.

Aaaaaaaack! *flail*

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