Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It was only a derby. :)

That went, overall, very well. :D


* Reveille was a star. She was pretty calm and quite rideable all weekend, even on Saturday when she was somewhat insecure.

* Our jumping rounds went beautifully -- not a hesitation or a spook at a jump anywhere.

* Stabling was comfortable, and Rev was a good girl with new horses.

* We -- the folks from our barn -- had a great time hanging out together and supporting each other.

* I met a lot of really nice people who I'll look forward to seeing again.

* I got to hang out with a lot of really nice people who I already know and only get to see at shows.

* The weather was beautiful and perfect.

* The facility we were at was gorgeous -- amazing scenery, lovely arenas and jumps, all of it; and the owner is a nice fellow.

* I felt very confident going into our jump rounds on Sunday -- I felt like I had my ducks in a row, and there was no fear. Just knowing what I needed to do, acknowledging that I could walk Rev if I needed to, and confidence that we'd get through just fine.


* I don't think I'll ever clinic with that particular teacher again. She started us off with obstacles way bigger than any of us were ready for, including a solid obstacle -- those aren't really okay at cross-rails level. She's not a bad teacher, I think, but she's not one I want to take more lessons from.

* The solid obstacle I mentioned ... well, it was much bigger than we'd ever jumped before. I decided we'd go for it anyway. Rev jumped it the first time, which was good, but I came way, way off balance after. I should have had my feet farther forward. I would have been able to recover if Rev hadn't started bucking. :/ As it was, I cussed once on the way down, then landed on my shoulder and ribcage, rolled all the way over, and rolled all the way onto my feet. I didn't think much of it at the time, but as it turns out, that hurt kind of a lot. I think I damaged some of the soft tissue in my shoulder, as well as an impressive deep muscle bruise. Go, go, gadget ice/ibuprofen/heat.

* Rev was kind of bratty when we weren't jumping. This taught me a few things: one, I can be much more forceful than I was being, and everything will be okay. Two, I shouldn't start warming her up for jumping so early. By the time we went for our cross-rails round, she was pissed. off. at not really doing anything for so long. She was ready to GO. So that's a good thing to know.

* Dressage ride times at 7:30 AM SUCK. SUCK SUCK SUCK. I'm so much better in the saddle when I've been able to get some sleep.

* I don't think I'll tent-camp at a show again. I'll sleep in the back of the car, in the back of the horse trailer, whatever ... I might even sleep in a much larger tent, but not my little dome tent again.

So ... yeah. A success. I will probably post more later, but for now, must work.

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