Friday, May 21, 2010

The promised pictures!

Pictures from last Sunday's Event Derby!

In the warmup arena. Good trot!

Circling the arena before entering at A. I love this trot and this expression on her face!

About to enter at A, at a nice energetic trot. Energy was the main thing I wanted out of this test, since it's been something we've been working on for a while -- energy and a good trot. I think I got it quite well.

Hey! Wake up, horse! We have a dressage test to ride here! :D

Good stretchy walk! She's stretching down well, and she's just shy of overtracking in the walk. We got a 7 on this movement -- it's even a coefficient movement!

Finished with dressage -- me: "Come on, smile for the camera!" Her: "Can we just go in and have carrots now?"

I love the alertness in this photo -- she wasn't entirely sure about the crowd on the course here, but we did fine with it. This was, I think, our first round, ground poles.

Again with the alertness. Her face sharpens up so much when she's alert -- she loses some of the Quarter Horse blockiness and picks up the warmblood refinement.

Another shot I just love of Rev's attitude. I love her neck in this one, too -- the work we've been doing on the longe line in side reins really shows. Even though it's just a ground pole, she gives it her attention.

Jump! Such a pretty little horse. :)

I'll get a picture of my ribbon collection tonight. :)

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