Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ack! I haven't had time to blog lately! I'll give a quick update, and then I promise a much longer entry tomorrow or Thursday.

* This blog will be renamed shortly. :)

* I've figured out exactly what MT means when he says that Rev responds best to canter aids given almost entirely with the inside seatbone.

* I'm skipping tomorrow's Test of Choice night; I'd been sick Monday and Tuesday of last week, so I had to work late Wednesday through Friday, then work on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the time I missed. So there's no chance of turning in a reasonable test, even if there weren't going to be huge winds and cold tomorrow.

* Nonetheless, the practices I'd had while MT, TW, and TD were in Kentucky at Rolex were great. I feel like I learned a lot while they were gone.

* Entered the Event Derby ... at the cross-rail level. Hopefully I can go through with this plan. :)

* I miss my horse. Can't wait until tomorrow, when I'll get to scribe the ToC night, and then ride afterward. :)

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