Friday, March 12, 2010

In other news: a poll!

Now that I've gotten my helmet manifesto out of the way ... on to fun stuff. :)

So I went ahead and ordered the custom helmet cover for my skully. I know, I know -- I shouldn't be all involved in the shallow stuff about eventing; it makes me a silly person; I should be concerned only about the riding and the horse; et cetera. I know all this. And I do work really hard at riding and at working with my horse.

But ... picking colors and helmet covers and saddlepads and splint boots and polos is SO MUCH FUN. :) It's not work. I guess I didn't really get enough time dressing up dollies and Barbies as a kid, because I'm having so much fun with dressing myself and my horse now.

What I've ordered is this: Chevron cover, in royal blue with white chevrons and a white button, royal blue ribbon.

I have a royal blue square AP pad that I've had forever -- why I didn't realize that I don't know. It's clean and shiny now, so I'll use that.

I definitely want a pair of royal blue splint boots, too. Those are cheap and easy, so I don't need to grab them until closer to show time.

The really fun thing now is shirts for me. :) And here's the poll, too. So. I am thinking about two different styles:

1. White polo with royal blue chevrons on the left sleeve (I'll be buying the polo and then applique-ing the chevrons)
2. Royal blue polo with white chevrons on the left sleeve

I'm leaning toward option 1, just so that I won't be the rider who got dumped in a bucket of blue paint, but still be in the blue-and-white-chevrons theme. What do you all think?

Anyway, looking forward to riding tonight. Starting to think seriously about how I can get a Schleese or a County dressage saddle for a good price. I think it starts with "list my Courbette and see how much I can get for it."

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  1. As a rider forced to wear white to every show I think you are nuts for ever wanting to do so :P Yes it looks nice, but when Rev gives you a kiss and you have green goo on your shoulder it wont come off. I think looks wise option 1 would be much more striking to see coming through the fields. I think option 2 is more practical though. I say do with whatever you really want, but it is not like Polo shirts are crazy expensive so if you hate it you can switch for next year.