Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coulda sworn I had a title for this.

Blessed ibuprofen. :) Before the vet came out to do yearly shots, Coggins, and teeth-floating yesterday, Rev and I had a make-up lesson from this weekend. It involved lots of canter work for me, which boils down to getting a canter depart. So all of the muscles involved in me following MT's exhortations to SIT UP SIT UP SIT UP! are soooorrree. *grin* The shoulders-back muscles under my scapulae; the chest-lifting muscles under my ribcage, the butt-tucking muscles in my butt ... yeah. (Note to self: use butt-tucking muscles more, to avoid arching my back.)

I actually have a pretty good idea of why my canter aids aren't working -- I wasn't getting my inside seatbone in the correct position. I realized this morning that in the lesson I just wasn't doing this one step I'd been doing on my own, and I think that actually did me in.

So the prescription for the next several rides, for me, in addition to rein contact and light, subtle leg aids that don't deaden her to my leg, is going to be 'canter departs, and lots of them.' I know I can do it. I know I can. So I just need to keep practicing, so I can get them immediate and as automatic as the trot departs.

I'm definitely wanting to ride again tonight, but unfortunately, reality intervenes -- I have to work late. Plus, I imagine Rev will be happy to have a day off from the bridle (assuming MT didn't ride her today, which isn't a safe bet at all) after getting her teeth floated -- I know I would be, if there'd been that much vibration in my jaw for that long. Not sore, but probably sensitive. I can take ibuprofen, but she can't, really; I doubt bute is really warranted here. I just feel like it's not all that well tolerated and I don't want to use it for her unless I have to.

Anyway, the other thing that I asked the vet about was her complete hollowness on the left side and her stiff right hind -- she's nowhere near lame, but she just doesn't want to bring that right hind under her. So I wondered if chiropractic care would help her at all. He poked and prodded, and then confirmed my worry ... she's sore under her saddle and through her quarters. He told me to use the P3 unit on her (the equivalent of a TENS machine) for five days, see if that helps her. It probably will help the symptoms, but ... the actual problem, I'm convinced, is my saddle. Sigh. MT's Hennig fits her better than my Courbette does, but it's still not quite right.

I have no idea what kind of saddle she needs ... what I do know is that I can't afford it. :/ Does anyone have a medium-wide, nice saddle they want to give me, outright? *grin*

Anyway, I did get some pictures of my poor girl getting her teeth done. :) This first one reminds me a bit of people I knew in college -- droopy lip, floppy ears, droopy eyelids, and front legs all splayed out to keep her upright. *giggle*

I hated to giggle so hard at the poor girl, but ... it's funny! She's trying so hard to put her ears forward, and she can't quite get it together ...

Really, this only looks medieval ... it's very gentle, and it makes the vet's job sooo much easier!

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