Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Wish (really, wishing, not actually thinking it'll happen) List!

HolyBully asked what's on our horsey Christmas wish lists ... weeeeelllll, I guess, if you're asking ... :)

More than anything, this 18" Hennig Sofa with short flaps at Maryland Tack Exchange:

A Hennig.  With short flaps.  And an adjustable gullet (by a saddle fitter; I happen to know an excellent one at English Saddle Fit in TN!!).  And a seat size I fit in.   And in a price range I could conceivably swing, if I ignored what I should do and did what I want to do with money that's supposed to be coming in

Like, this is the unicorn of saddles.  MT has one that somehow, magically, fit almost any horse and almost any rider.  I loved it when I got to ride in it.  I am so tired of trying to ride in a correct dressage seat in my jump saddle - which is lovely and perfect for jumping! - and I am anxious to get a new dressage saddle.   This new-to-me dressage saddle.

I'll need a new set of black 48" stirrup leathers; child-size to go with the short flaps, of course.

And another set of stirrups; might as well go with the neato ones!  I might swap these onto my jump saddle and put the flex stirrups on the dressage saddle, but ... nah.  These on the dressage.  Maybe.  If I tend to lose them the same way I did in my other saddle.  But these are the lowest priority; I have other irons I can use until I get the pretties.

I sold the girth, too, so a 22" Total Shoulder Fit girth to go with it:

Other than that ... my sister already got me a needed item: a new medium-weight turnout for Apollo!  Hooray!  He'll be wearing it tomorrow.

I'd love to have a stable blanket for him, actually, so his turnouts can dry overnight if needed.

And a show coat.   A Kerrits Kompetitor's Koat, or a FITS Zephyr coat.  Yknow ... something that I can wear in the heat and humidity without dying.

And a good raincoat.  Because apparently, based on my teacher's posts and other friends' posts, it rains at every horse show.  I'm going to have to get used to jumping in the rain.  :/

And several long sleeve technical, sweat-wicking tops.  A few short sleeve, but several long sleeve.  Because sweat happens even when I need a long sleeve shirt.

So that's my horsey wish list.  What's on yours?   :)


  1. I love hennigs, they are magical! I hope you get it!

  2. um i think you need that saddle. just sayin ;) also i get all my technical sweat-wicking shirts from marshalls and other discount type retailers. they always have super affordable but solid stuff in the running/yoga/active wear sections

    1. I totally do, you're right. :)

      And that's a good idea! I'd gotten one at Ross, maybe, or someplace like it - TJ Maxx? - and I love it, so I will have to go ....*shudder* shopping. :)

  3. That is an excellent list! Fingers crossed you can pull it off.

    PS Riding Warehouse had/has the competitors coat for a BARGAIN. Over last weekend, it was $50. I wanted it SO BAD, but need to adult. Sigh.