Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brief thoughts on horsekeeping

1. Comparing horse keeping to mommy wars is insulting and inaccurate.  Insisting that stalls be cleaned daily instead of weekly isn't prissy - it's basic health. Poop or pee in stall?  Take it out.  Period.  It's like not changing your kid's diaper but once a day.

2. Flake shavings - we hates them forever, precious. Yes, they *look* all fluffy and soft to human eyes, but they're difficult to clean, and they don't provide any more soft places to sleep than a more horse-friendly bedding. Like pellets. We love pellets, precious. They clean easily, are soft, last a long time, and compost well.  They don't look golden and fluffy, but I swear, they're a better choice. Especially for a barn that doesn't have a big shed where truckloads of sawdust or fine shavings can be dumped.  Pellets store easily.

3. Yes, we do have mice, despite the cat's best efforts.  If you leave bags of grain out, they will get nibbled. We have a chest freezer for your very own grain storage; I know it might take a minute of thought on how to arrange the bags of grain in it so all five fit, but I swear it can be done. Even without opening the bags and just storing the grain in the freezer.

4. Those who say it can't be done should probably get out of the way of the person doing it.

5. Logic is good, mmkay?  Woo-woo has its place, but that place is after thinking rationally and functionally.


  1. Hm. Sounds like someone needs to be de-friended. These things aren't even complicated.

    1. Wish I could. Instead, I'm just blithely and benignly enforcing my will upon the situation.