Tuesday, July 1, 2014

VCBH: Interested Parties

What made you interested in your current horse that led you to buying them in the first place?

What would we do without Viva Carlos' Blog Hop?!  :)   Good question!

Honestly, I saw Apollo's ad a couple of times before I responded to it.  The picture was of his owner at the time riding in a nice dressage seat in a Western saddle, and the terrain was kind of rough.  Apollo looked nice, but he was maybe a little tall, and I wasn't sold on it immediately.   However ... the thing that attracted me to him was his kind expression, lovely neck, and relaxed trot.   That plus the fact that he'd gone Novice once before with redheadlins spurred me to email about him.

When I met him, I watched his owner tack up and ride, and he was just a cool, calm customer.  I got up in the saddle myself, and I just had this feeling that we spoke the same language.  It wasn't just astonishing love at first sight, though it was click at first sight.  His attitude and willingness and general ... well, self-ness attracted me to him, and I asked to take him on a week's trial to see how he jumped. (There were no jumps at his owner's place.)

After that first jumping lesson when I forgot how to heels down and ended up on his neck, I was sold on him -- he didn't flinch at my mistake.  That was it - I quoted TSB and said "Yup, she's not getting this horse back.  I'm buying him."  :D

And the rest is history ... and love.  :)


  1. Great story!! I like click at first sight hehe. :D

  2. I LOVE L's blog hops - i have just found your blog and from my quick scan through your latest posts I have to add you to my to-read list :D

  3. Very cool! Love it when it's just a calming 'oh this is nice' feeling.

  4. Its funny how some horses just call to you, sometimes on a level you don't even realize.

  5. Ahhh he won you over :) And look at ya guys now!